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Sailing for Santorini

June 10, 2006

If you are bored to read the whole story, this video really sums it up:

Simera SailingBut now lets begin our story: Another major event was scheduled among the lads. To sail 120 nautical miles in 3 days was what we needed… We found a vacant ship called “Σήμερα” (Today), and announced to other skippers our plans. Fortunately we weren’t alone with this perfect idea. Another two ships were available so a convoy was planned. We had a last minute cancellation from old salt (Stavros) because he had hurt his back on another difficult voyage. Fortunately, we replaced him with a woman! The numbers were correct: 4 guys and 3 women, we thought that this wasn’t going to be again a gay ship, but once again we were proved wrong.

9 June 2006

As planned, the voyage started by night, in order reach Christianna in early morning. About twenty two hundred hours (22:00) we set sail from Heraclion harbour. The weather was not bad but not good either. Another sailing ship (named “Καπετάν Αντώνης”) decided to join us. Until midnight everything was running smoothly, but suddenly a message from the VHF announce that “Καπετάν Αντώνης” has a problem with her anchor. The anchor got louse due to the big waves and it was hitting the bow. Before we could realize what it was happening, “Οδυσέας” had a problem also, waters were getting in the front cabin (the bow cabin). Thinking that we had enough for a day (or most accurate night), the vessel “Χριστίνα” had the Genoa (a large foresail that overlaps the mainsail) loose because the clew was teared off the sail. At that time we were the only boat that didn’t had any damages, and for sure we were going to get one fast (the odds were against us). In order not to have a serious damage Harry breaks down a door. That was a mandatory sacrifice.

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