The Mermaid Song – as sung by Capt. Jim Parsons

November 22, 2006

This sea song was dedicated by Lena:


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Sailing with a broken boom

November 11, 2006

ManolisOn Saturday the 11th of November on the advanced sailing lesson course was one of the most dangerous experiences until now.

But it was worth it!

Everything started normally as every other weekend. It was a little bit cloudy, the wind was North – West as usual and not too much. Perfect day for sailing. When we got out of the harbour, it started raining. Excitement was all over the crew, we could use more our new waterproof clothes!!!

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Foreign sea curse

September 24, 2006

This is the second time Harry fails to do a dive abroad. Probably He can only dive in Greece. A suitable nickname for Harry is probably Jonah.

From Wikipedia: God ordered Jonah to preach at the city of Nineveh. Jonah did not want to, and tried to avoid God’s command by sailing to Tarshish. A huge storm arises. The sailors, realizing this is no ordinary storm, cast lots, and learn that Jonah is to blame. Jonah admits this, and states that if he is thrown overboard, the storm will cease. The sailors throw him overboard, and the seas calm. Jonah is miraculously saved by being swallowed by a large fish. In chapter two, while in the great fish, Jonah prayed to God and asked forgiveness and thanked God for being so faithful, and the result was, God commanded the fish to vomit Jonah out.

So the story begins…

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Flogging Molly – Every Dog Has Its Day

September 19, 2006

Well I’ve drunk to drown, on every ocean I’ve been
Lake Tanganyika, where the crocodiles swim
Halifax, Nova Scotia to Van Diemen’s land
Well I drank with the Sultan, down the Suez Canal

Cause Every Dog Has Its Day
Like every woman, she gets her own way
And if there’s a ship that sails tonight
I’ll captain that too, just to be there with you
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Flogging Molly – Wanderlust

September 19, 2006

Well I’d love to photograph your hand
Then shake it for a while
Cause you learn so much about someone
A brother or a swine

The veins that plough beneath your path
With so many tales to tell
A picture out of focus
In a frame where no one cares

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What are Sea Stories

August 4, 2006

A sea story is a work of fiction set largely at sea. The enclosed setting of life aboard a ship allows an author to portray a social world in miniature, with characters cut off from the outside world and forced to interact in cramped and stressful conditions.

The form has been popular from Homer’s Odyssey onwards. Notable exponents of the sea story include:

  • Captain Frederick Marryat (1792–1848): Peter Simple
  • Herman Melville (1819–1891): Moby Dick
  • C. S. Forester (1899–1966): Horatio Hornblower series
  • Nicholas Monsarrat (1910–1979): The Cruel Sea
  • Patrick O’Brian (1914–2000): Aubrey–Maturin series

But searching on the net you can find a lot of sea stories!!! So that’s the basic idea of this blog, collect or even writen sea tories, fictional or real… Welcome on board.

“Sometimes we are lucky enough to know that our lives have been changed, to discard the old, embrace the new, and run headlong down an immutable course. It happened to me … on that summer’s day, when my eyes were opened to the sea.”

. . . Jacques Yves Cousteau


How we found the holly grail (in greek)

August 1, 2006

Αυτή η ιστορία θα είναι στα ελληνικά, ελπίζω να μη σας πειράζει. Σε αντίθεση με το τί λέει ο τίτλος, η ιστορία δεν έχει καμία σχέση με το Άγιο Δισκοπότηρο, το έβαλα απλώς για να εντυπωσιάσω το κοινό μου. Στην πραγματικότητα, η ιστορία αυτή δείχνει πόσο πολύ συνδέομαι με τη θάλασσα και το υγρό στοιχείο.

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